Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cabinets installed!!!

Things are moving so fast right now that I cannot believe the pace. The brickies look like the will be done by wednesday next week and the workmanship on the brick work is quality, cannot really fault them at all it has been a straight and clean lay. Let's hope the guys who clean them take as much care.

Also yesterday our cabinets were install for the ensuite kitchen and bathrooms

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  1. cannot believe it, so quick !

  2. Your cabinets had arrived yesterday so they may have been installed today!

  3. I am amazed at how fast yours is going up. With so little problems. We're about two months behind you. Lets see if NAVA homes are just as efficient.

  4. Wow - very quick! We had our frame started about the same time as yours but can't believe your plaster & kitchen is in already, we're probably months away from that!

  5. Hi Chris & Emma
    We are building the Riverton 30 at Sandarra ,so far so good except for some minor issues
    Have you had any problems with CH and where are you building?
    Can also ask you how much was your site cost?

  6. The cabinetry looks great. Are youroverhead cupboards other than standard? I thought the standard layout was to have 3 'verticle' cupboards either side of the rangehood but it looks like you have two 'horizontal' cupboards and one 'verticle' cupboard? The 'horizontal' cupboards look like those one that open upwards instead of to the side like your standard everyday cupboard? Is this right? Was this an upgrade? And if yes, how much (if you don't mind me asking)? I love the look of your cabinetry layout, much more than the standard layout. Looks great!