Sunday, March 21, 2010

Massive Update - Bricks, plaster, bifold door

It has been a very long time since we've posted an update mostly due to travel.

Bifold Doors

Plaster -Dining Room

Plaster - Family Room

Plaster - Kitchen/Pantry

Plaster - Niche

Brickwork looks good so far the bricks are Austral Nougat.

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  1. Hi,

    We are about to start building with Carlisle Homes also - as soon as our land is ready! We're building the Westbury 26 and also chose the Austral Nougat brick. I love it. I saw in your pics that the bricks on the ground are two different colours??? Is the orange colour on the rear or bottom side of the Nougat brick?


  2. Yeah the orange part is the rear and bottom of the brick - if all the brickwork is done correctly you should not see any orange exposed

  3. Hey Chris... sorry to bust your chops :) What colour mortar did you choose?

  4. We chose the grey morter which was standard. We saw it on a display home we think it goes well with the bricks, our windows also in anodic grey.

  5. Looking fantastic Chris! How is the quality of the brickwork looking? Good to see things have been travelling fairly smoothly. Have you picked up many problems?

    You will catch up to us in no time at this rate... Havent updated our blog in awhile.. But our plaster is done, bricking is done... bricks are cleaned too! Think cornices are next?

    Keep us posted =)

  6. Cool... yeah we went with the standard too... bricks being grey - figured it would be a waste of money changing the mortar colour!

  7. Hello again. I said in an earlier reply that we were building the Westbury 26 in the same brick as you (Austral Nougat). We are now considering changing to building the Riverton 30 instead and I am trying to work out how much it'll all end up costing us. We signed up around the same time as you guys (Aug 2009) and I was wanting to know what did you get quoted for the brick (ie. Austral Cat 1A)? And for the brick neutralising? I know you said you didn't go with the off-white mortar, but did you get a price on it? If you did I would really appreciate knowing that also. I just want to make sure they give us last year's prices, not today's prices, as we're paying over $7000 in late fees which should cover any price increases anyway. Thank you.

  8. Hi Andrea,

    We paid about $600 for the bricks and neutralising - as for the off white we never got a price on that so I couldn't help you.



  9. Thanks Chris. Thanks for taking the time to reply. Really appreciate it. Just want to make sure we don't get ripped off!!! :-)

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